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The Croquet Association (of England) is delighted to host the 2023 Golf Croquet Women's World Championship for the Clarke Trophy at the Sussex County Croquet Club, from 7th to 14th August 2023 on behalf of the World Croquet Federation (WCF).
Ian Burridge

Welcome to the 7th Golf Croquet Women's World Championship. On behalf of the WCF, I’d like to thank all those involved from the Croquet Association and Sussex County Croquet Club for their work preparing for and hosting this event, and to the sponsors for their generosity. And finally, best of luck to all players!
Ian Burridge, President, World Croquet Federation

Jonathan Isaacs.jpg

Welcome to the South Coast of England for a first ever visit of the Golf Croquet Women's World Championship to England.
I'm sure everyone will make you very welcome and that you'll enjoy your time in England.
Jonathan Isaacs, Chairman, Organising Committee

The Championship is a singles event with three consolation events, details of which can be seen on the Schedule page. The overall Entry Procedure and Schedule prior to the Event is available on the WCF website.

A qualifying tournament will be held for those who do not receive WCF Membership, Ranking or Wild Card places at the Compton Croquet Club on 3rd to 5th August 2023. More details are available here.

Soha Mustafa

Soha Mustafa from Egypt is the defending champion.

Other Previous Winners can be seen on this page.

Spectators and Visitors

Spectators are very welcome, on the purchase of a Championship Programme. The cost will be £10 for one day, £15 for a two-day pass and £25 for a season ticket. Children under 16 free. Guests of players admitted free by application at registration.

There will be plenty of space so visitors are encouraged to come as small groups or even as coach parties. Parking will be available for cars, mini buses and coaches.

Those planning to visit are encouraged to bring their own seating. Catering will be available. Fuller details are on the specific Venue pages.

If you're not familiar with Golf Croquet please visit the Croquet Association website.